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TrueCoders is a Coding Bootcamp dedicated to helping our students make the transition into a software development career! Our founders noticed that there was a growing demand for people that could create software applications. That's why we've made it our goal to not only educate you with the skills to develop software but also empower you to start your career in a field with infinite opportunity! We've helped hundreds of people, with little to no experience in coding and programming, and equipped them with the skills necessary to strive in a software development environment. Our courses can be broken down into two phases.

The first phase is learning to program. We want you to commit to learning as much as possible throughout the course. We've carefully chosen the curriculum material based on several key factors. What is in demand? Will this give our students the foundation that they need to grow? Does this set our students up for long-term success? These are some of the critical questions that we've asked ourselves when deciding what to teach. Not only do we teach you how to program, but we also teach you how to think and talk like a programmer. It's going to be crucial that you can think through detailed problems, and communicate with your fellow developers. For a detailed breakdown of our curriculum, click here.

The second phase is job placement. Since the creation of TrueCoders, we've noticed the extraordinary demand for software developers all over the world. This demand will only continue to grow as the world becomes more reliant on software. We've created the "TrueCoders Proximity Process" that has employed 82% of our job-seeking students! The TrueCoders Proximity Process will get you close to the people that are making the decisions. Before you know it, you'll be having coffee with hiring managers, eating lunch with CEOs, then working side-by-side with other software developers.

Although our courses can be viewed as having two phases, we will begin focusing on Job Placement early in every class. We do this to give you the best chance of being hired before the course is over. Our Job Placement doesn't just stop after your first job, though! We encourage our alumni to come back and continue to work with us as they advance through their careers. From our classroom to your career, we're here to help!

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