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22nd Jan, 20

Meet Brandon Chan


“Before TrueCoders, I graduated from Auburn and went to New York. I did some odd jobs here and there, handing out fliers. Eventually, I worked my way into an office position. I started off doing business development. I went to local businesses and bought counter space. I worked my way up to a product management position where I was working with software developers every day. I…

3rd Jan, 20

Meet Jared Prather!


"I was a junior in high school when I first met Truecoders. Back then, I couldn't find anywhere in Birmingham where I could learn to code until I met Truecoders at a workshop. I enjoyed learning from there, which led me to join the class next summer. After the class, I am now studying Software Engineering at Auburn University. I am already a step ahead of…

4th Dec, 19

Meet Nicholas Pickett!


"Before TrueCoders, I was working at FedEx making deliveries. I knew it wasn't a career that I wanted to pursue in the long run. I was interested in software development before I heard about TrueCoders. When I met and talked with Daniel, it sounded like a great opportunity. TrueCoders was the jumpstart I needed in my career as a software developer. The environment was great. Our…

23rd Nov, 19

Community and Culture


I walked in about ten minutes late on Monday of week 4. It was cold, cloudy, and damp outside, one of those days you just want to stay in bed. I had a case of the Mondays. I hoped to sneak in late to class and sit down without making a fuss.


Instead, the entire classroom clapped for me when I entered the room—the exact…

22nd Nov, 19

Meet Nate McCay!


“Before TrueCoders I was a forklift driver at Tyson. I felt like I had no future and no job security. I first heard about TrueCoders from Daniel while walking around at the Galleria. At first, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but decided to give it a try. TrueCoders was an awesome learning experience, it was well-paced' and the instructors cared. My classmates…

20th Nov, 19

Meet Will Jones!


"TrueCoders essentially saved my life, and that isn't a hyperbolic overstatement; This program has not only taught me the most quintessential programming skills in order to thrive in a competitive and expanding market, but also has introduced me to an extraordinary community of extremely like-minded people, and for me, that was a life-changing opportunity." 

19th Nov, 19

Meet Ben Gazzini!


“I started off working in the service industry, mostly bars. I was working crazy hours. I felt stuck where I was, with no career options in front of me. I decided to try to learn how to code after talking about it with my brother. I tried learning online, but it’s so overwhelming. Coming to TrueCoders was the best thing I’ve done for my future and…

6th Aug, 19

Is a CS Degree Worth It?


Many people ask me throughout the week, “Would a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science be a better option for me than attending a coding bootcamp that is non-accredited?” The quick answer is NO! But let me explain my reasoning a little more so you can understand how I have come to this viewpoint. First of all, I think there are three main factors that come into play when making a college decision, so…