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Meet Brian, Andrew, and Michael!


Meet three of our students currently enrolled in our Birmingham day class! (Listed from right to left)

Meet Brian! - “Before enrolling in TrueCoders, I had spent 9 years at Apple honing my people skills and working adjacent to the tech industry, but never really getting my hands directly into development. After deciding to pursue my dream career as a game developer, I founded a games studio and dove headfirst into learning the tools and programming languages I would need to make this dream a reality. That's where TrueCoders came in. I was recommended to TrueCoders by my brother Brandon, who had just completed the program and landed a great front-end development job in Birmingham. This course has really jump-started my personal journey to making my dream a reality, and my future as a developer is now firmly in my own hands.”

Meet Andrew! - "Thanks to the TrueCoders intensive training program and job placement coaching, I have been fortunate enough to have four interviews scheduled within two weeks with some of the best companies in Birmingham! Eight weeks ago, I knew little about software development, and now I am prepared to start a career in the tech industry.”

Meet Michael! - “Since high school, I’ve been working with Programming languages like Python and Java. I’ve been focused on the tech industry ever since and that’s what led me to join TrueCoders. While I may have taught myself technical skill, TrueCoders offered me a chance to work with and interact with many different kinds of people. Alongside the team environment, I have elevated my programming skills to among the top 10 CodeWars scores of TrueCoders alumni and continue to rise. The teamwork skills and communication I’ve gained here are lifetime skills that I will continue to hone alongside programming.”