Online Classes

1Are all classes taught online?
Yes! All TrueCoders classes are taught online through live stream!
2How long is the course?
It depends on the course. Our Full-Time Day Program is 9 weeks, and our Part-Time Night Program is 6 months!
3What do I need to take one of the online classes?
You will need:
  • A quiet place to work
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Reliable laptop or computer with a webcam
We recommend that your computer has at least:
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 8GB Memory (RAM)
  • Standard GPU
  • Recent i5 or i7 CPU
4Will I be able to interact with the instructors and other students during the class?
Yes! On top of being in a live video call with your instructor and classmates (via Zoom or Google Hangouts), you'll have full access to a Slack channel where you can directly message them as well!
5Do I need to have my webcam on during class?
While it's not required, it is recommended. We want each course to feel as close to an in-person as possible!
6Will I be able to take the class from anywhere?
Yes! Since the courses are online, you have the opportunity to choose where you learn! For the best learning experience, you need a quiet place to learn and a reliable internet connection.
7Will I be able to contact the instructor for help?
Yes! You will be able to schedule one on one time with your instructor or teachers assistant via their calendar to receive the help you need.

Our Curriculum

1Can I Still Take the Class if I Don't Know Anything About Coding?
Yes! The majority of our successful graduates have never coded before their course! We'll teach you the fundamentals of coding, so you don't have to struggle with learning on your own.
2What Will I Learn?
During the course you will learn:
  • C#
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Job Placement

1What is the Job Placement Rate?
Our current job placement rate is 85% of job-seeking students and graduates!
2What is the Average Starting Salary for a Graduate?
Our average graduates starting salary is between $50,000-$60,000!
3How Long Does it Take to Get a Job After Graduation?
It varies from person-to-person. We've had students that are hired on week six of the program, and we've had students that are hired six months after the program. Ideally, we want to help you get hired between 30-60 days after graduating!

Registration and Payment

1How do I Apply for the Course?
You'll need to schedule a time to talk with one of our student advisors. You can do this by clicking the "Apply Now" button in the top right.
2Is there a Test I Have to Take to Apply for the Course?
Yes! We will give you a short assessment test to determine if you're a good fit for our course. The assessment will be given to you by your student advisor.
3What is the Cost of the Course?
The cost of the course is $9,500.
4How do I Reserve my Seat for the Program?
We have several options ranging from upfront payments to our subscription plan! Please discuss this with your student advisor!

New Student Onboarding

1What Can I Expect After I Register for Class?
Once you've been enrolled, you will receive an email with further instructions on how you can prepare for the class!

About TrueCoders

1What Sets TrueCoders Apart From the Other Coding Bootcamps?
We are committed to YOUR success! We work with each student diligently to ensure that you're receiving the best possible curriculum and education!
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