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Daniel Walsh

Daniel got started in software development at a young age building his first mobile app at 17. Over the past 10 years his focus has been on working with the business and startup community to launch and grow technology-focused products. Before starting TrueCoders Daniel worked with several tech companies in Alabama, which shaped his belief that a healthy pool of developers is needed in every city in order to support a vibrant tech ecosystem. Frustrated that local developer training programs were overpriced and didn’t provide the skills needed to land a job quickly, Daniel applied his experience to build a program that would solve what he says are the three missing ingredients: marketable skills, career navigation, and a support community.



Michael Doyle
Director of Software Development & Education

Michael Doyle is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a degree in Information Systems.  Over the last 3 years Michael has worked as a Software Developer and Scrum Master for ProAssurance and Kemper Insurance. Michael has a passion for helping coding bootcamp graduates not only succeed in the class but throughout their career. Michael understands that everyone learns in different ways and as the head of Education and software development it’s his job to find out what the best way for each student to learn is. 



Josh Boyd 
Code Ambasador

Josh Boyd, is passionate about helping those interested in TrueCoders   Academy. He also enjoys helping them make their decision for a new career which can be very intimidating. Let Josh assist you in making your transition as easy as possible.



Aziza Hurt

Instructor Auburn Campus 

Aziza Hurt is one of our AUsome instructors at the Auburn campus. Starting as a teaching assistant, she has mastered the fine line between communicating as an instructor and understanding as a peer. An innovative problem solver with a   background in the electrical field, she has a keen eye for detail. Completely dedicated to each student as an individual, Aziza has demonstrated a proven method to aiding them in their journey from the classroom into the real world. As a result, students are better prepared for their new journey following graduation, with the required skills to excel in the Software Development field.



Nathan Rice

Night Class Instructor BHM Campus

Nathan Rice is one of our brilliant Instructors here at TrueCoders Academy. With previous work experience in Front-End Development, and a background in welding and veterinary medicine, Nathan works hard to ensure that every student reaches their full potential. All while demonstrating that anyone can change the world one line at a time.



Michael Oakman

Career Coach Birmingham Location

As a Career Coach Mike spends his time Instructing students in creations of Resumes, cover letters, and personal profiles. Providing guidance in through mock interviews and instruction. Mike is responsible for job placement through counselling, use of human resource managers and public recruiters.



Charlotte Conaway

Regional Manager Auburn, AL Location

In 2017 Charlotte was awarded the "Ignite" United Way Award for the Corporate Volunteer. She was able to build a model for corporations and businesses to give back to the Birmingham City Schools by involving their own employees. Before leaving Birmingham Charlotte was able to get 22 out of 26 Birmingham City Elementary Schools partnerships. Charlotte has been busy since moving to Auburn with Leadership Lee County, United Way, Auburn Business Women and obtaining a partnership with Auburn University in the Office of Professional and Continuing Education. Because of her involvement in Lee County she is excited about impacting the lives through TrueCoders for the Lee County area.



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