KaDarius King

If you're intimidated by large classrooms or dread the thought of moving through semester after semester hoping you land a job in your field; TrueCoders can help! Software companies NEED bodies right now. There's no lack of jobs in the space, and tech is constantly growing in this field. It was my best decision to date, and I am grateful to all those involved in my development.

Macy Draper

True Coders is the real deal. It is a 9-week course that takes you from zero to one hundred on your software developer Journey. The instructors are knowledgeable and eager to help you learn. The course work is arranged strategically helping you to learn in an organized manner. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn a great skill in a rapidly growing market.

Juody Bun

I graduated a few weeks ago from the first TrueCoders class of the Huntsville location. It was refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who were passionate about technology and coding. From day one, I knew my future success was a priority. The curriculum was adapted to meet the demands of current technologies utilized in the industry. Job assistance workshops every week and opportunities for extended learning for specific topics when available are offered to both current and former students.

Andrew McMahon

The team at TrueCoders cares about your success and will put in the time to help you learn baseline coding principles and skills to find a job. The in-person aspect of the class is desirable, as almost all real-world programming jobs will involve a team-oriented setting. Also, you get grouped with other ambitious and intelligent young developers from whom you can learn. I highly recommend considering TrueCoders if you are looking to get your foot in the door in the programming world.

Ryan Bishop

TrueCoders is an amazing coding bootcamp. It got me back into programming like I wanted to. Cruz is honestly one of my favorite teachers I've ever had; he puts his all into teaching you the material. He goes above and beyond what I expected going into this class. I'm happy that I met him and took this class.

Michael Cerase

I loved my time at TrueCoders! It offered a great structure to learn new programming techniques as well as a teamwork environment to learn professionally. Now we are moving on to hitting the job placement, and I look forward to kickstarting my career in Software Development!

Forrest Boyd

Starting the program, I was hesitant about how much I would be able to learn in eight weeks. On my first day, I didn't even know how to write a "Hello World" statement, but at the end of the program, I was completing projects I never thought I would be able to.

Jack Fagan

As a student with basically no coding background at all, this course was incredible. The instructor clearly explained abstract concepts and emphasized practical learning. I was thoroughly impressed with my progress.

Jackson Griggs

TrueCoders is a technical school where I learned the basics of coding in less than nine weeks, a friendly environment, would 100% recommend for anyone trying to get into the Software Development Industry.

Nicholas Pickett

TrueCoders was a very great experience. Very interactive and informative. I would recommend TrueCoders to anyone who is looking to get into the Software Development field.

Timothy Tidwell

TrueCoders is a great program that assists you until you're hired as a developer! The community you build within this class is amazing. Great atmosphere! TrueCoders is an excellent place to get your foot in the door as a developer no matter your age!

Wahome Mwai

I learned more than I would have in my college. Great class and community, I'll miss these guys.

Jacob Watson

I went through the 9-week Full-Time Day Course and was hired on at BBVA at graduation. I wish I could go through the course again just for fun! Daniel is a great guy and keeps everything fun.

Serdar Yagci

TrueCoders gave me more than what I expected. I've was hired at FIS here in Birmingham as Software Engineer. Job interviews are also a big part of the hiring process, and they'll teach you every step. YOU'LL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED!

Carlton Gannett

After going through the Full-Time Day Class, I got a job making 60k+ a year without a college degree. They will help you and coach you through the whole process of finding a job. What's excellent about TrueCoders is the instructors: They are right there for when you don't understand something, or you are missing something. Getting that push here and there when you aren't getting it will dramatically speed up your ability to learn to program and get a job.

Charlie Doyle

While the curriculum is taken seriously, it isn't often you can have so much fun in a class while also really learning. The projects guided us through the application of core programming principles that would have felt very abstract without them. The instructor was more than willing to slow down or speed up the cadence of the class depending on our understanding, in which the rigidity of other schools (i.e. college) can hinder the true learning experience. It was also clear how established the instructor already is in the world of programming, and the desire to spread that wealth of knowledge is real. More than that, the camaraderie made in the class creates a community of like-minded individuals that completely round out the experience and always give you a fallback if you need additional assistance. I've recommended this class to all my friends and would recommend it to anyone who wants to better their programming skills.

James Tisdale

I am graduating from TrueCoders this Friday! It has been a fantastic experience, and I have learned a ton while doing it. There are a couple of things that set this course apart from other coding bootcamps. First, this course has an actual classroom with real teachers that are there in-person, for you to interact with, not just a collection of online lessons and coursework. Second, there is a strong focus on job placement, interview prep, resume prep, and just general professionalism. There are a couple of staff members that are there solely to prepare you to succeed in the professional world. About five of the other graduates already have jobs, and the class isn't even over yet. All in all, I have learned a ton and feel ready to interview for jobs in the tech world. It has been a great experience.

John Clark

TrueCoders is more than a course. They provide more than a service; they provide a family.

Wesley Hendon

TrueCoders is a fantastic course for anyone who is either brand new to the tech field, or already has some previous programming experience. It is not an easy course for either level of experience!

Don Thomason

Regardless of your coding experience and learning style, the program and instructors will support and challenge your development for you to continue enhancing your skills and knowledge while adding value to your employer or your personal business goals.

Patrick Kelley

It's worth it. A lot of my fellow students landed jobs before graduation. I'm confident my turn will come. TrueCoders will stand with you until you do. These are good people who want you to be successful.

Charleston Gilliland

TrueCoders was a great experience; I learned a lot over nine weeks!

Matthew Welch

I attended TrueCoders during the Mark 9 Full-Time Day Class, and I will say that if you want to get into software development, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!! Daniel Walsh is a fantastic guy and will help you in any way you need. Michael is a great instructor, and is there with you through the whole process from day one. I highly recommend TrueCoders!

Chris Anderson

I researched several coding bootcamps that would teach back end skills that are in demand. I had seen a TrueCoders advertisement, and a few people suggested I reach out to them. Daniel replied to me within the hour, and we were sitting down the next day. All of my questions were answered, and it has been a good decision.  The work is challenging, but they provide you plenty of resources. The staff is friendly and well-connected when it comes time to network and find that first job. They help you with resume, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing skills. TrueCoders Full-Time Day Course has excellent value.

Kris Dixon

I was worried before I started that I would not understand anything or be able to keep up during class, but that was unfounded. The instructors take the time to make sure you fully understand the material and encourage questions and are willing to work with students after class hours. I feel much more confident in my coding abilities after these nine weeks. TrueCoders also makes sure that students are ready for job interviews, and I feel confident that I will soon land a job after graduating. After going through TrueCoders, I do not see how people would be able to learn as much through other online courses or coding bootcamps.

McGuire Price

Going into the course, I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to keep up with the curriculum. I always tended to stay away from coding because it looked incredibly daunting and foreign. However, I chose to take a chance with TrueCoders after hearing about its success, and I am so thankful I did. Now I feel confident in my ability to comfortably code and feel I can take on projects that come my way. The classroom dynamic allows each student to have individual assistance from the teacher (something that I find is an obstacle in online courses). And the practical coding education is paired well with the job placement aspect of the class, which helps connect the student with jobs all over due to TrueCoders' outstanding reputation. If you want to pursue a career in coding, this is 100% the course you need to take. You will not be able to find a better Coding Bootcamp!

Jared Clark

I recently graduated from the Full-Time Day Course, and I loved every minute of it. The staff was very friendly, and the classes allowed for a lot of hands-on experience. I'm confident that I'm now prepared to start my career as a software developer.

Whit Stroup

The instructors are great people that will work with you and do whatever it takes to help get you up to speed and get you hired! Outside of class hours, it is highly recommended you meet with them for extra help that they are more than willing to give. They are full of knowledge and have many connections in the Software Development field. If you are looking for a course that not only gives you the technical skills you need but also helps you land a job, this is an awesome place to start!

Carlos Oliveros

Carlos came to TrueCoders as an electrical engineering student at UAB. He needed skills that gave him the ability to earn money while finishing his degree and also enhanced his job opportunities post-college. Shortly after coming through the TrueCoders Full-Time Day Course, he landed a paid internship with KeySys, a growing software development firm in Birmingham, that gives him flexibility with his current class schedule.

Nathan Broom

I immediately thought “wow...what a scam. There’s no way.” But I was also curious. I started reading everything I could about TrueCoders and software development. I ended up setting up a phone call with Daniel and eventually met with him in person. He was very helpful and knowledgeable about the tech industry. After talking with him I decided to go for it. I started the Full-Time Day Course a week later. The instructors are incredibly skilled coders and teachers. They can definitely teach you what you need to know to become a developer! In addition to great coding instruction, TrueCoders also provides you with all the knowledge and coaching you need to build a great resume and navigate job interviews. Without a doubt, TrueCoders changed my life. I went from making $13/hr to $24/hr in just 10 weeks!  I went from practically zero career options to the entire tech scene being open to me. TrueCoders works!

Darius Witherspoon

TrueCoders was a great experience for me! I learned a lot in a short period of time. Before this class, I did not have any prior experience in programming. The teachers were excellent and were genuinely concerned with your progress and understanding. Truecoders helped with resumes and interview skills needed to land a job in computer programming. After applying to several companies Truecoders landed me a job with a great company. I would recommend this class for anyone trying to get a crash course in programming. With dedication and commitment, you can finish and land a job!

Francesca Marciani

TrueCoders came into my life when I was hungry for a new career with dynamic needs, portable tools, and boundless potential. At TC, the learning process is such that every piece of information you're taught can be developed into demonstrable, in-demand skills. My classmates were fiercely supportive of one another, and we challenged ourselves constantly. The staff love what they do and are eager to see you succeed, and they make it a point to ensure that they're with you for the whole process--from the first week of class to the wonderfully surreal experience of accepting your first tech job. You won't believe how far you've come in such a short amount of time!
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