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From one student, to hundreds, our staff supports.
From Classroom to Career TrueCoders is a Coding Bootcamp dedicated to helping our students make the transition into a software development career! Our founders noticed that there was a growing demand for people that could create software applications.

That's why we've made it our goal to not only educate you with the skills to develop software but also empower you to start your career in a field with infinite opportunity! We've helped hundreds of people, with little to no experience in coding and programming, and equipped them with the skills necessary to strive in a software development environment.
Micheal Doyle Headshot

Micheal Doyle

President, Director of Education
Cruz Sanchez Headshot

Cruz Sanchez

Vice President, Director of Enrollment
John Ward Headshot

John Ward

Software Engineering Instructor
Jeremy Huddleston Headshot

Jeremy Huddleston

Software Engineering Instructor
Ben Bryant Headshot

Ben Bryant

Web Development Instructor
Seth Bowman Headshot

Seth Bowman

Software Engineering Instructor
Amoriss Mallett Headshot

Amoriss Mallett

Software Engineering Instructor
Brittany Melton Headshot

Brittany Melton

Software Engineering TA
Mike Oakman Headshot

Mike Oakman

Chairman of the Board
Martin Murphy Headshot

Martin Murphy

Board Member
Dean Hodge Headshot

Dean Hodge

Board Member