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Seaborn PattersonSoftware Engineer, Google

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Graduates of our online coding courses have gone on to find careers with a host of highly rated companies, including:

GoogleIBMSamsungLockheed MartinTargetBBVAShiptRegions BankBBVABBVABloxCGIFISHealthGradesRxBenefitsAlightProtective LifeVBIAccenturegoodjob

Coding classes are live and online

What does TrueCoders offer that other online coding courses don't? Here are four advantages our coding classes offer.
We offer career services
Get Unlimited Real-Time Instructor Help

Our courses are live and interactive, so that you get the attention and feedback you need while completing your coursework for our coding bootcamp online..

We offer career services
Above and Beyond Career Services

You spend time during the coding bootcamp and coding classes with our career services team to reach your goal of landing a position in the industry. You can expect weekly assignments, seminars and 1-on-1's starting week one in TrueCoders' online coding courses.

Classes are over zoom
Learn From Your Own Home

Our courses are 100% online, allowing you to learn to code from your own home. Online learning environments may be new to you, but our team spends the time to help you adjust and focus on learning what you need to know to succeed.

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Join Our Alumni Family

The hardest part of graduation for us is seeing you go. We cultivate and encourage you to stay in touch with us and your fellow classmates. We'll always be here to sharpen your skills, transition to a new job, or grab a bite for lunch.

Why TrueCoders?

Our students are looking to become developers. Period. That's why in our coding bootcamp and coding classes we teach you the in-demand programming languages and tools needed to be a valued worker in the industry. But it's one aspect to have the skills, and yet another to actually get the JOB.

We employ a proactive approach to our career services. You will work with our professionals during the course, with access to weekly career development seminars. We do not wait until after you finish the course to begin your job search. We are actively working with you on that front while you are in the course learning the skills. Hundreds of our students have changed their lives with our coding classes online. It just takes one choice.

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TrueCodersOther Bootcamps
Course Length9 weeks4-12 months
Instructor 1-on-1Every DayWeekly
Career ServicesEvery DayWeekly
Live Training100%Split Live and Pre-recorded
Retake FeeNo feeFull price
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TrueCoders is a fantastic course for anyone who is either brand new to the tech field, or already has some previous programming experience. It is not an easy course for either level of experience!

Wesley Hendon

Junior Software Developer

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