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Course Report
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No Experience Required

Our Remote Full Stack Software Engineering Program is designed for students with zero coding experience and comes equipped with a Career Services team focused on helping you get hired.

Work Around Your Schedule

No matter what your schedule looks like, we have an option that will work for you.

9 Week Live Course

Our live course lasts 9 weeks, meeting Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm Central Time.
You and your classmates will attend class virtually via Zoom, along with your instructors and teacher's assistants.

Self-Paced Course (Flex)

Our flex course is a self-paced style course where you have the flexibility to learn on your own time and at your own speed.
Our flex course is designed for you to be able to start and finish at any time.

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What Jobs Can I Get?

Salaries based on data acquired through Indeed. Results are not guaranteed and may vary based on many factors including location, interview performance, experience.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is someone who designs, develops, and tests software programs. They use programming languages and various technologies to build software systems that run on computers, mobile devices, and other devices.
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Salary Data
Job TitleAverage Starting Salary
Software Engineer$62,665.00
C# Developer$70,899.00
.NET Developer$70,899.00
QA Automation Tester$68,535.00

Become a Web Developer in 9 Weeks

Wesley Hendon Headshot
TrueCoders is a fantastic course for anyone who is either brand new to the tech field, or already has some previous programming experience. It is not an easy course for either level of experience!

Wesley Hendon

Junior Software Developer

Nicholas Pickett Headshot
TrueCoders was a great experience. Very interactive and informative. I would recommend TrueCoders to anyone who is looking to get into the Software Development field.

Nicholas Pickett

Catalog Specialist

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Monday - Friday9am - 8pm central
Coding Labs

Become a Web Developer in 9 Weeks

Coding Labs

Join your fellow classmates and take part in collaborative labs led by Instructors
Tuesdays and Thursdays6:30pm - 7:30pm central
Fridays1pm - 2pm central
Coding Labs

Lifetime Career Services – Getting You the Job

Launch Your Dream Career: Our Comprehensive Career Services is Designed to Get You Hired

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Projects You'll Build

Showcase everything you learn with hands on experience
Use C# to parse TacoBell locations across the country to find the two that are farthest apart
C#, .NET, Unit Testing, Test Driven Development, GeoCoordinates
Kanye and Ron Swanson
Simulate a conversation between Kanye West and Ron Swanson by calling two REST APIs
C#, .NET, APIs, RestSharp, Postman
Kanye and Ron Swanson
Use the OpenWeatherMap API to get weather data for a user-provided location
C#, .NET, APIs, Unit Testing, Unit Testing Driven Development, Restful Web Services, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS
Inventory Management Application
Hone your ASP.NET MVC skills: Implement CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality into your app so users can manipulate the database through the web
C#, ASP.NET, MySQL, Dapper, HTML, CSS, Dependency Injection
Inventory Management Application

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Our Discord community is a hub of activity, where students can connect with each other and get help from dedicated Instructors.
With real-time support, you'll never have to struggle through a coding challenge alone. Whether you're stuck on a difficult problem or just need a second pair of eyes to review your code, our Instructors are available to help
Instructors are here to help.
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