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Are all classes taught online?
Yes, all of our classes are currently online and live utilizing Zoom Video Conferencing.
How long is the course?
Between 9 weeks and 6 months. We offer our courses in both full-time and flex schedules that differ in lengths and format. Our full-time class is 9 weeks, 5 days a week from 9 am-3 pm Central Time. Our flex class is roughly 3-6 months, completed on your own time.
What do I need to take one of the online courses?
You will need:
  • Reliable laptop or computer with a webcam
  • Reliable internet connection
  • A quiet place to work with minimal distractions
We recommend that your computer has at least:
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 8 GB Memory (RAM)
  • Standard GPU
  • Recent i5 or i7 CPU, or equivalent
Will I be able to interact with the instructors and other students during the class?
Yes, and we strongly encourage that you do! The classes will be help on a live Zoom Video call where you will be able to interact with your instructors and fellow students with questions and collaboration. You will also be able to communicate via the TrueCoders Discord server.
Do I need to have my webcam on during class?
We do not require that you attend class with your webcam on. However, we encourage that you show your face along with your fellow classmates. We're used to hosting in-person classes, and want you to feel as connected as possible.
Will I be able to contact my instructor for help?
Yes, and we strongly encourage that you do! Our instructors block off time each day for you to schedule 1-on-1 time for tutoring and assistance. We also utilize a Slack channel where you will be able to ask questions and receive assistance when you need it.
Can I still take the class if I don't know anything about coding?
Yes! In fact, the majority of our students have little to no coding experience coming in. We design our curriculum and teaching methods to progress your knowledge and skill from beginner fundamentals to advanced Full-Stack topics.
What will I learn?
During the program, you will learn in-demand development tools and languages. Below are a few listed out for you:
How can I apply for the course?
You can apply for a course by clicking the "Enroll" link in the navigation bar at the top of the website and using our registration portal, or you can Schedule a Call with one our Enrollment Advisors and enroll.
Is there an assessment test to take before applying for a course?
No. Although we used to require students to complete an assessment test before enrolling in a course, we currently do not require you to take a test before beginning our program.
What is the cost of the program?
Our course tuition is currently N/A with several payment options available. There is more information regarding payment plans here.
Are there any course fees not included in the tuition for the course?
No. We provide you with every necessary tool, platform, and material needed during the class. You will not need to provide for anything besides your laptop/computer and internet access.
What can I expect after I register for a course?
Once you enroll in our program, you will begin our prep-course. We will send you self-paced materials that introduce you to some of the coding languages and tools you'll utilize during the course. Each Friday at 1 pm Central Time, you will have access to a live, online weekly lesson with an instructor and your fellow enrolled classmates. The prep-course is for your benefit, and lasts up until your respective start date for class.
How familiar should I be with coding before I enter the course?
You will not be expected to have any prior knowledge of coding languages and tools before starting the program. The prep-course will help you familiarize yourself and lay the groundwork for what you'll learn in class, especially for students without a coding background. However, you will still cover all expected material in the program in any case you miss the prep-course.
Where can I direct my questions?
You can always use as a resource. During the prep-course, you will have access to instructors via Slack. We encourage you to go ahead and direct coding related questions there.