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5 Great Careers in Web & Software DevelopmentOctober 22nd, 2020

If you’re interested in making a living at your keyboard, you may be wondering, “is a coding bootcamp worth it?” Well, here are five great careers you can pursue after graduating with a certification from a coding bootcamp like TrueCoders. Now keep in mind that just because you take a coding bootcamp, whether online or in-person, as an educational program, it does not guarantee you will get a career that pays these median average salaries. Like any job, you still have to interview well, do a good job once you’re hired, and continue to practice and improve your skills. But here are five great careers you can pursue once you learn a programming language like C#.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer Systems Analysts create diagrams and flowcharts that help programmers create computer systems. They study and analyze a company’s computer systems and procedures and help them develop more efficient systems.

2019 median pay: $90,920 per year.

.NET CORE Developer

A .NET developer writes code, creates applications from scratch, and troubleshoots code for problems.

2019 median pay: $73,760 per year.

Database Administrator

DBAs use specialized software to store and organize data. They organize and secure data for companies, merge databases, restore lost data, and create and manage users’ permissions for databases.

2019 median pay: $93,750 per year.

Software Developer

Software Developers create and test software programs, often from the beginning of a project to the end. Even after a program is deployed, they might be responsible for troubleshooting and fixing a program. They research and analyze the objectives of a program and find programming solutions to fulfill that need.

2019 median pay: $107,520 per year.

C# Developer

C# Developers are responsible for analyzing, designing, developing, testing, and implementing a company’s platform technology. Also, C# Developers troubleshoot and fix program problems and work with a team to support end-users.

2019 median pay: $90,410 per year.

How To Start A Career in Coding

Deciding which coding career to pursue is not always easy. Especially since coding is not very easy to learn on your own (on average coding takes 36 months to learn by self-training). But when it comes to finding the best training for your dollar, TrueCoders is one of the country’s best coding bootcamps. In fact, we’re also the #1 Career Services Bootcamp in the world, which means we’re the best at helping our graduates land killer careers through our network of hiring partners and job application assistance. At TrueCoders, we specialize in teaching our coders the C# coding language. The simple reason we choose to teach C# because it’s one of the in-demand fundamental programming languages, so once you learn C#, learning Python, Java, and other languages is much easier considering that you’ve learned the fundamentals.

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