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Finding Cheap Coding Bootcamps that are ReputableMay 15th, 2024

For those looking to enter a career in tech, the path isn't just about choosing to learn coding—it's also about choosing the right coding bootcamp for your specific needs. TrueCoders offers a unique proposition for complete beginners with its affordable, comprehensive program designed to make tech education accessible to everyone.

The Cost Advantage of TrueCoders - $4,500 Self Paced, $6,500 Full Time

When it comes to selecting a coding bootcamp, cost is a significant consideration. TrueCoders sets itself apart with an upfront cost of just $6,500 for our Live 9 Week program, and $4,500 for our Self-Paced Flex program, a stark contrast to the average bootcamp fee of $15,000. This competitive pricing doesn’t just make TrueCoders an affordable option—it underscores our commitment to making tech education achievable without burdening students with excessive debt.

You don't need to spend $15,000 on a Coding Bootcamp

Affordable Options for Tuition

Understanding that students come from diverse financial backgrounds, TrueCoders provides flexible payment plans and partners with third-party financiers to offer monthly financing options. These initiatives ensure that financial constraints don’t hinder passionate learners from pursuing their coding dreams.

See: Affordble Financing Options for TrueCoders Coding Bootcamp

Return on Investment

Investing in a TrueCoders education isn’t just affordable—it’s valuable. Graduates from our program report starting salaries ranging from $65,000 upward. Success stories like that of Seaborn Patterson, who landed a prestigious position at Google after transitioning from a career in finance, exemplify the transformative potential of our bootcamp. This substantial return on investment illustrates that TrueCoders is not just about learning to code—it’s about launching lucrative careers in tech.

Educational and Support Features

At TrueCoders, we focus on in-demand technologies such as C#, SQL, the .NET framework, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET MVC. Unlike many bootcamps, our curriculum includes extensive training in C#, a valuable skill set that many employers seek but is often overlooked in other educational programs. Additionally, we offer unlimited one-on-one sessions with instructors, robust mentorship, and proactive career services, ensuring that each student receives the support they need to succeed.

Industry Demand and Strategic Entry Point

The tech industry’s appetite for well-trained coders shows no signs of waning. By starting with an affordable coding bootcamp that comes with high quality education like TrueCoders, newcomers to the field can gain a foothold in tech without the financial pressure typically associated with career transitions. This strategic entry point is not only practical but also wise, given the long-term career opportunities available to skilled developers.

Help Reviewing Your Payment Options

If you need some help comparing which option is best for your custom needs, schedule a quick chat with our Enrollment team or use the chat tool on the website

See: Affordble Financing Options for TrueCoders Coding Bootcamp

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