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Unlocking Opportunities with a C# CertificationApril 12th, 2024

Unlocking Opportunities with a C# Certification

by Michael Doyle 4/12/24

Let's be honest, there are significant advantages to becoming a software engineer. When I started my journey, I was working 2 jobs (morning and night) and studying C# in school. In total I was making maybe $11,000 a year and taking out loans for a $70,000 college degree. This is the grind. But I was doing it because I wanted a better life, and that's what a career in software engineering can grant you. It offers the opportunity of a 9-5 work schedule that allows me to have a social life with my friends, and a salary that allows me to pay my bills consistently and without fear. It also opens the door to many more possibilities down the road that I only dreamed of, like buying a house and starting a family. My grandfather always used to say:

"It's nice to have a few dollars in your pocket"

Software engineering isn't about the money. It's about the life you're looking for. If you are willing to work hard, and like to use creativity to problem-solve, the life you're looking for isn't just a dream.

Why get a C# Certification?

I chose C# because it opens the door to an exciting career - not just a high paying job. C# is used in the .NET Framework, which is run by Microsoft. If you haven’t noticed, Microsoft is positioning themselves very nicely in the tech landscape. In the AI space, they are competing at the top with their affiliation with OpenAI (Chatgpt). In terms of software engineering, they are making a heavy push to utilize their languages (C#) and technologies (.NET Framework) in parallel with their AI endeavors.

You’ll want to be aligned with where Microsoft is headed

So a C# Certification will give you a great competitive advantage to enter that space compared to developers learning languages like Java.

Choosing the Right Program:

For those exploring a C# certification, you'll want a software engineer bootcamp that meets your individual needs. Do you like to work with teachers on a 1 on 1 basis? Do you want a certification that employers can trust and is verified by blockchain technology? Do you want a certification that can highlight the coding projects you’ve worked on? There are plenty of options ranging in the $15,000 range and up, but be mindful that a high cost doesn't always equate to high value. TrueCoders offers a C# Certification in their interactive 9 week software engineer bootcamp for $6,500 that falls right in line with all of those characteristics I would look for.

They also have early enrollment tuition discounts that you can ask an enrollment advisor about.

In collaboration with Digit.Ink, TrueCoders’ C# Certification is blockchain-certified, making their certification easily shareable and verifiable to hiring managers (hiring managers will definitely want the option to verify your certification). This also makes it easy to share with employers on LinkedIn and your resume.

C# Certification

Investment and Return: Is TrueCoders Worth It?

One compelling testament to the effectiveness of TrueCoders' approach comes from the tech industry itself. Zach M., a Senior Software Engineer at Nexient, a Software Engineering Consultant Firm, shared his experience with hiring TrueCoders graduates:

"I directly supervise two TrueCoders graduates who have both been promoted in less than a year with Nexient. They came in and crushed it from the start. They have shown a different approach at viewing problems that have helped take our project farther than it was at conception. I would definitely recommend using TrueCoders if you are looking to hire developers."


At the end of the day, you want to make a decision that is right for your specific needs. These are just my opinions on where I see the industry going. If you want to speak to me personally, feel free to connect on LinkedIn or hit the chat button at the bottom corner of the website and ask for Michael.

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