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A Coder Finding His Way: Hunter Anderson's TrueCoders True StoryAugust 25th, 2023

Have you ever felt stuck in life? Ever looked at your job and thought, "There has to be something more I could do"?

That's exactly how Hunter Anderson felt while he toiled away in a cubicle. Hunter was interested in coding and knew there could be something more for him if he just went for it, but he needed a push to get him started down his coding path.

TrueCoders was that push.

Coder from the Start

Hunter would tell you he wasn't very tech-savvy as a kid, but that’s not exactly the case.

"I wasn't a genius or anything," he says, "but I did have a real interest in the subject. So I decided to go for it and took a few classes in high school."

But before that, he studied over the summer by watching YouTube vids. Hunter learned how to write with Java and was a code-fluent student before he even stepped into the classroom.

Finding TrueCoders

"My job had me do a very, very minimal amount of coding, but I wanted to try and turn it into a career. I already had a good foundation, so I wanted a way to shake off the rust, get a refresher, and bolster my skill set. A bootcamp seemed perfect for that.”

He settled on TrueCoders for their coding skills and class frequency, but there was another factor.

"I looked at a lot of bootcamps, but the thing that sold me on TrueCoders was their realness. A lot of the bootcamps I contacted were very 'join, join, join.' Every question I asked was met with a sales pitch. But TrueCoders just talked to me. They answered my questions very directly and told me the final say was with me. That let me know they were the right choice."

Hunter joined us then and there, blazing through the Web Development class and graduating with a new toolbox of coding know-how.

From Student to Teacher

Hunter's class performance caught the eye of his TrueCoders instructors. Not long after graduation, he got a message from TrueCoders asking him to join as a teaching assistant.

Fast forward a few months, and Hunter became a bona fide TrueCoders instructor in October 2022. Now, Hunter gets to pass on his knowledge in his Web Development class.

Forging a Future

"I love teaching," Hunter says, "but eventually, I really want to get out there and start building something, whether it's for myself or some company."

Hunter's TrueCoders training has definitely prepared him for climbing the coding ladder, but he also has a passion project in the form of a videogame similar to the (in)famous Raid: Shadow Legends – only without all that paywalling.

Thanks to his drive (and all the things he's learned with us), Hunter undoubtedly has what it takes to make that game dev dream a reality.

Within Your Reach

"The real thing to know when becoming a coder," he says, "is that you have to want it. It’s not easy; you can't just half-commit. But I found TrueCoders to be very transparent about the challenges. They told me exactly what to expect, but they also helped me through everything because they want everyone to succeed."

That goes for Hunter, and it goes for every other student we teach. We are here to make you into a coder, and that means informing you of the difficulties – and helping you overcome them.

So are you up for it? Join TrueCoders and see what rewards lie at the end of your coding journey.

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