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Picking the Right Coding Bootcamp for YouMay 9th, 2023

Picking the Right Coding Bootcamp for You:

A How-To with Tim Corey (IAmTimCorey)

Saying that coding bootcamps are popular is like saying hurricanes are windy. You've probably scrolled past three or four ads for different bootcamps today alone, and maybe all those ads have gotten you thinking about enrolling in one.

But that raises an important question: How do you know if you and a coding bootcamp will go together well?

Enter Tim Corey, or IAmTimCorey, for those familiar with his YouTube channel, with over 350,000 subscribers.

Tim recently did a deep dive into everything you need to know about picking bootcamp: from deciding if they're right for you in the first place to finding a quality bootcamp.

Let's break down the main points of his vid – and see how TrueCoders stacks up.

What are Bootcamps?

Tim breaks his video into three major sections, the first of which tackles the obvious: what a coding bootcamp is.

A bootcamp is a very concentrated course that builds up as many skills as possible as quickly as possible. Tim points out that the usual timeframe is three to six months, but some can go as long as a year.

  • TrueCoders' full-time class is 9 weeks, 5 days a week, from 9 am to 3 pm Central Time. Our flex class – a self-paced version of our material – can be completed in any amount of time, but most people finish in under six months.

Are Bootcamps Right for You?

Tim's next section covers the question you need to ask before you start looking for the right bootcamp: is a bootcamp even the best option for you?

First, you must ask yourself: do you learn quickly? Bootcamps are (usually) designed to be fast-paced, so if blazing-fast learning and working well under pressure isn't your thing, a bootcamp might not be the best option.

Can you commit the time for a bootcamp? This may seem odd, given that bootcamps are designed to get you in and out as fast as possible. When you're in it, you're REALLY in it – 70-80 hours a week on average. Tim mentions that a person needed to quit their job to commit to their bootcamp course.

  • Our full-time course might be too intense for you, but that's why we offer our flex course option. This self-guided course teaches you everything you'd learn in our in-person class but fits in well with a schedule packed with work/family life/school/etc. And don't worry, the flex course comes with unlimited one-on-one live tutoring, just like our full-time course.

Tim finishes the section by talking about money. The entire point of a bootcamp is to save on traditional education costs, but you need to be careful not to spend too much on a bootcamp in the HOPES that it will work out for you (most bootcamps range from $15k-$20k). Ask yourself: "Is this worth going into debt? Can I get through the entire course and get my money's worth?"

  • TrueCoders is more affordable than most bootcamps out there. We charge $8,500, and even provide low-interest financing if you pay within 6 months with PayPal Credit. The flex is $6,500 and that also comes with the PayPal interest free financing option. If you'd like to apply for financing to help you afford the course plus living expenses, we have another option: a Deferred Education Loan.

Which Bootcamp is Right for You?

Tim's third section covers the vetting process. He starts by pointing out that, unfortunately, there are bootcamps out there that are little more than scams.

  • TrueCoders goes above and beyond to provide you with a quality experience. We're vetted by the Better Business Bureau, and we allow you to retake your course if your first round got derailed in any way – most bootcamps will make you pay all over again in full if you drop out or restart.

A good way to get a feel for the quality of a bootcamp is to look up their graduation rate. While some numbers can be misleading (does the bootcamp count dropouts in their graduation rate calculation, for example), a graduation rate can give you a good view of the bootcamp's quality.

Next, Tim says to look at a bootcamp's placement rate. A placement rate is basically the rate at which their students enter the coding field. Again, this can be misleading, so make sure to ask a bootcamp if a high placement rate is actually students being placed into coding positions, not other fields (cashiers, waitpersons, etc.).

  • We don't hide any numbers when it comes to graduation rates. 97% of our students pass their courses, and our amazing Career Services Division works with you during and after (in perpetuity!) to help you network and job hunt. This benefit never expires – you can drop back into our Alumni Discord channel anytime for help after graduation. All in all, 82% of TrueCoders grads find a coding position.

Checking out the actual opinions of graduates is also a good way to confirm a bootcamp's legitimacy. Pro tip: Don't just look at bootcamp-moderated quotes; seek out reviews on impartial websites.

  • If you want a great place to see tons of bootcamp reviews, visit Course Report.

The last point covered is the longevity of the bootcamp. Tim says to be wary of bootcamps that have just popped up or have changed their name multiple times. They may have great marketing and presence, but that doesn't mean everything is on the up and up.

  • We've been around since 2017. We work remotely to keep costs for us and you down, making us resistant to economic fluctuation. We aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

The Right Call for You

It's clear from Tim's breakdown that choosing the right bootcamp is more involved than a five-minute Google search. Picking the right bootcamp means you can enter the coding world faster, cheaper, and with the best training to succeed.

And that's our goal at TrueCoders. We're educators first and foremost, so your experience – and how well that experience prepares you – is our number one priority.

But don't just take this blog's word for it. Follow Tim's advice. Check out our site. Look up our reviews. Give us a call and get to know the instructors.

We'll be here when you're ready – and we can't wait to start teaching you.

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