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Road Trips, Beaches, and Code:April 23rd, 2024

Using Your Summer Break to become a Software Engineer

Ahhh, summer. It's right around the corner. Time for vacations full of fun, sun, and... forgetting most of what you just learned in those high school or college classrooms.

But what if you could use your summer break to springboard into one of the fastest-growing fields in the modern job market? What if you could use your become a coder?

Whether you’re a college student or a high schooler, TrueCoders can help you squeeze a life-changing coding course into a tiny, nine-week package.

Summertime Stats

Summer vacation is great, but summer learning loss, or “summer slide,” is real. It’s as if the summer hits the delete button on that data you just spent so much time packing into your brain.

High schoolers see a noticeable hit in test scores when they don’t participate in any educational summer activities. One study found that students typically lose about two months of math skills and one month of reading skills over the summer. Talk about two steps forward and one step back.

College is no different. College students who traded in educational activities for pure summer vacationing experienced a decline in academic skills. In some cases, barely half of college students enrolled full-time in the spring semester returned to college for the fall semester — if their summer wasn't supplemented with some form of continued education. This suggests that summer break may play a part in the dropout rates.

This leads many students to seek ways to stay intellectually stimulated over the break. But what should you do? Summer courses in college can be sparse, and your high school might not offer anything. Fortunately, TrueCoders can fill that summer gap with exciting, engaging, and valuable coding knowledge.

The TrueCoders 2024 Summer Class Schedule:

TrueCoders 2024 Summer Schedule

TC Summer Break Breakdown

At TrueCoders, you’ll learn how to code from the comfort of your couch (or bed, or desk, or beanbag chair) because our courses are online.

When it comes to subjects, we teach Software Engineering and Web Development. When it comes to class style options, we offer a full-time option and a self-paced option — both fit perfectly into a summer break for both high schoolers and college students.

Our full-time course teaches you everything you’ll need to know about the coding world in nine weeks — and our career services division will work with you the whole time, building your resume and interview skills. This option is great for you if you plan on having a trip-free summer. The schedule is intense, and you’re expected to attend class, but our world-class instructors will be there to help you through any issues you come up against.

If you’d like something a bit more relaxed (or if a beach trip will be eating up most of your vacation time), consider our self-paced course. With this option, you can access hundreds of hours of instructional videos, lesson plans, tests, and examples — and there's no time limit for completion. Simply go through the material at your own pace. Don’t worry: this option offers unlimited one-on-one instructor meetings and weekly group labs with other self-paced students, just like our nine-week course.

Learn While You Relax

We get it. Summer is a time to unwind after those high school exams or that brutal college term paper. If you just want to chill by a pool and party, go for it. But if you want to make that summer break work for you, all you have to do is get in touch with TrueCoders. Our instructors are knowledgeable, our courses are varied and in-depth, and our pricing options are affordable. So shake off that exam week stress, chill a bit, and contact TrueCoders to start your coding journey this summer. Who knows, you might discover a passion that could lead to a fulfilling and lucrative career.

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