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Heading to College? Want Another Option? Fortune Magazine Thinks TrueCoders is the Most Affordable Option.June 26th, 2024

Heading to College?

Want Another Option?

Fortune Magazine Thinks TrueCoders is the Most Affordable Option.

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for vacations or getting ready for the next year of school. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with some beach time, but if you want to be a coding beast and increase your earning power, you can take advantage of the summer break to learn coding.

If you ARE going to college, taking a 9-week TrueCoders bootcamp over the summer will give you a major head start on the other students. Or with a TrueCoders class under your belt, you can choose to skip college altogether and be earning the cheddar while others are racking up debt.

Fortune Magazine ranked TrueCoders most affordable

Recently, Fortune Education ranked several coding bootcamps by category and TrueCoders came out as the most affordable software engineering bootcamp. The article explains that TrueCoders teaches major programming languages while providing instructors who are available Monday through Friday to answer questions, all for a fraction of the cost of other bootcamps.

TrueCoders’ affordability is not the only reason to choose this bootcamp. They not only boast the most affordable price out of all bootcamps on the list, but they also have the quickest completion time.

This means that you will be able to begin your career and start earning as soon as you’re hired. And to help with that, TrueCoders offers several career service resources to kickstart your job search. TrueCoders will help you write your resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile. They’ll set up mock interview and demonstrate job search techniques to help you land your job. It’s all part of the fee.

So think about it. By the time the rest of those students are getting ready for class, you could learn coding and start earning cash.

Whether you plan on taking Computer Science in college or want to take the direct-to-work route, TrueCoders is—according to Fortune Magazine—the most affordable option out there.

Classes are starting every month! Reach out to a friendly, no-pressure enrollment advisor at to learn the option that’s best for you.

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