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From High School Classrooms to Coding Companies. Preparing for Your Software Engineering Future.February 7th, 2022

College isn't the only road to coding careers

Many high school students see college as the next logical step after senior year, but times are changing, and there are plenty of college alternatives out there.

A coding bootcamp, like TrueCoders, is one such alternative. Software engineering offers fantastic career opportunities with great advancement potential, job security, and a versatile, tech-based skillset.

Best of all, a coding future is not dependent on a college degree.

Businesses that focus on software engineering value your skills and abilities over a piece of paper saying you’ve studied for 4+ years. The right coding bootcamp can help you build those skills that are so valued by the tech industry.

You Don’t Have To Wait Until You Graduate

If you’re a high school senior, you would ideally enroll with TrueCoders between January and May to start our full-time course in June. This gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your newfound freedom before you start your coding journey.

High school juniors can also start at the end of their school year; this would give you just enough time to finish our summer course as you head into senior year. If our course bleeds over into your senior year, don’t worry. TrueCoders offers a self-paced course option that has no time or attendance requirements. You can easily shift to this option from your full-time course and finish your class.

Long Haul or Short Trip?

Time management is nothing new to high schoolers, and TrueCoders offers some great options compared to the slog of college.

Our full-time course is optimal for people with a lot of free time. This option can get you into a coding position in as little as nine weeks, and our career services division will work with you through the entire course to build up your resume and interview skills. Even after you finish your classes with TrueCoders, you’ll always have our support in navigating the job market.

If you’d like something a bit more relaxed, consider our self-paced course. You simply follow our lesson plans and instructional videos at your convenience. This option offers unlimited one-on-one instructor meetings, as well as weekly group labs with other self-paced students. You’ll still have help whenever you need it with this option, just with less structure.

Compare these options to the packed semesters of a college route, many of which will be filled with classes completely unrelated to your major.

Teaching, Not Judging

Grades are a big part of high school, and college is no different.

TrueCoders focuses on teaching you by helping you rather than grading you.

There’s no pass/fail scenario at the end of the course. Our only goal is to make sure you understand the requirements and strategies of coding. We do this by teaching you how to do something, then work with you as you apply that knowledge. If you mess up a project, we will look at what you did, figure out the hiccups in your code, and help you figure out how to fix it. It’s all about arming you with the skills you need to do the job.

Coding Bootcamp Cost

Cost is deterring more and more high school students from the college model.

The average yearly tuition you’d pay in Alabama, for example, is around $10,000, and you’re going to be paying this for multiple years. Coding Bootcamps are far more affordable than a comparable college route.

TrueCoders’ specific payment methods are designed to be as hassle-free as possible; we offer a discount for payment upfront (ending up at $4,500 for the entire course), or work with you to space out payments through one of our installment plans.

Choosing a bootcamp over college also has the benefit of showing you if you really like coding or not, without financially draining you. If you reach the end of our course and you feel like coding just isn't for you, then you’ve only spent nine weeks and about half a semester of a typical college life.

Check out this article for detailed specifics on the course materials, schedules, and payment options discussed here.

Everyone’s Different

Some people will just want to go to college, and that's understandable. Some fields put much more weight on a college degree.

But don’t feel like your only option is college now that you’ve made it out of high school. There are plenty of opportunities out there, and TrueCoders wants to help you reach them.


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