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How to Pay for Coding Bootcamps


If there’s anything the past year-and-a-half has taught us, it’s that businesses need to be flexible to adjust to changing lifestyles.

TrueCoders is no exception. We shifted our teaching model from an in-class coding bootcamp to an all-online school to adjust to the needs of a post-COVID reality.

What are the Class Options?

TrueCoders offers two Full Stack coding courses: Full Stack Software Engineering and Full Stack Web Development.

The ‘full stack’ part means that you learn frontend and backend programming in both courses?. Frontend is what you see when you visit a website or use an app; the design and user interfaces. Backend is everything going on under the hood; the scripts and code that are performing actions and accessing databases as you interact with the frontend aspects. Full Stack developers are masters of all trades and are much more valuable in the workforce.

The Full Stack Software Engineering course centers around C# and .NET.

C# is a versatile coding language created by Microsoft. C# is used in many products, from video games to desktop applications, to mobile apps for Android and IOS. Check out our article dedicated to C# to learn more.

.NET is the runtime environment that C# executes in. It is a collection of preexisting code created by Microsoft for C# developers to use. It is also the intermediary that takes your C# code and translates it into machine code (binary) so computers can understand it.

The Full Stack Web Development course focuses on Node, React, and JavaScript. It concentrates on the creation of websites and web applications.

Websites and Web applications might seem like interchangeable terms, but they’re very different. Websites are more basic; they can simply be a landing page with all of the necessary visual information for a user to interact with. Web applications are more complicated; they are connected to backend databases and might call an external API. Some examples of web applications would be Facebook or YouTube.

JavaScript is another coding language, similar to C#, that uses Node as its runtime environment, allowing JavaScript to be used as a coding language instead of just in a browser.

React is a framework you can use to create single-page applications in JavaScript to build a complete web application.

How do Class Schedules Work?

TrueCoders offers full-time and self-paced scheduling options so anyone can learn to code.

Our full-time schedule lasts for nine weeks and consists of daily six-hour online classes, Monday through Thursday. This option helps those seeking a more traditional class environment with an instructor guiding them through the material. It’s also great for those who want to get into the software engineering field as soon as possible.

The self-paced schedule gives students the option to tackle the material at their own pace. We provide you with access to hundreds of hours of video lectures and exercise materials (all of which match our full-time option), and you simply work through it. Don’t worry, though. You’ll still have access to our unlimited one-on-one tutor sessions and two live labs every week if you get stuck.

But what if your circumstances change midway through your course? What if you get a job and have less time for class? What if you quit a job and want to get through your class faster? With TrueCoders, you can switch between our full-time and self-paced options with the click of a button.

Pricing. Pricing. Pricing.

People’s budgets need just as much flexibility as their schedules. TrueCoders put as much effort into making our courses affordable as we have into making them educational.

The base cost for our courses is $6,100, but when students pay out of pocket, we give a 35% discount, dropping the price to $4,500.

If neither of those plans work, we have two other options: a Deferred Education Loan and an Income Share Agreement (ISA).

With the Deferred Education Loan, you’ll pay the $6,100 base cost, but you won’t owe until after starting class. Full-time students have to start paying the loan five months after starting, while self-paced students must start paying seven months after starting. The average monthly payment can range from $130 a month to $200 a month, depending on the length of the loan. You can also take out an extra $3500 in living expenses if needed.

With the ISA option, you will have to pay an initial $250 deposit. After this, you won’t pay anything until you’re in a job making over $32,000 a year. Once you start making that amount or higher, payments will be based on your annual salary. You would then pay 8% of your yearly income, split into monthly installments. These payments end after 36 months or when you hit the ISA payment cap ($9,360).

Shifting to Something Better

TrueCoders is on a mission to help our students transform their lives for the better. Coding is an excellent skill for many people to learn, allowing them to increase their income potential. We’re helping by offering a variety of class schedules and many different options when it comes to paying for it.

To learn more, schedule a call with one of our advisors, and they can explain all your options.

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