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What is a Self Paced Coding BootcampApril 19th, 2024

Self-Paced Coding Bootcamps

by Michael Doyle 4/19/24

What is a Self Paced Coding Bootcamp?

A self paced coding bootcamp, also known as a flex schedule coding bootcamp, provides all the benefits of a full time coding bootcamp but for students who want to set their own schedule for completing their certification. This is a great benefit for students who might have a job during normal full time class hours (9am - 3pm). The curriculum is the exact same as the full time course but there are no deadlines for your assignments. Self paced coding bootcamps have become an increasingly popular option that allows students to keep earning income while they complete their coding certification.

What features come with a Self Paced Coding Bootcamp?

1. Curriculum:

Students attending a self paced coding bootcamp have the option to choose between our Self Paced Software Engineering Bootcamp and our Self Paced Web Development Bootcamp.

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2. One on one Instructor Support:

TrueCoders self paced coding bootcamp options come with unlimited 1 on 1 instructor support. This allows you to meet with instructors from 9am - 7pm Monday - Friday. This is a great option to get help with your customized learning needs on exercises, definitions, coding projects, and studying.

3. Career Services:

If your goal is to start a career in Tech, a Career Services team will have your back with unlimited 1 on 1 support. They focus on meeting with students during and after the course to help with professional development such as resume writing, mock interviews, job hunting tactics, networking, LinkedIn practices, and helping you land a job in tech.

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4. Discord Community:

Discord is an app that works on your computer and mobile device that lets you talk over voice, video, and text so you can hang out with your fellow students and teachers. You’ll be able to collaborate with the TrueCoders Discord Community on group projects, as well as meet with your software engineer or web developer mentor.

5. Certification:

Once you graduate, you will receive a block-chain backed certification that securely verifies your completion of the required material and knowledge in specific coding languages and technologies. These certifications are used by hiring managers to verify your skills during your interview process

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