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Brightening Up Your Coding Experience: Denise Shines and the TrueCoders Career Services DivisionMarch 1st, 2023

The point of an education is to grow a skill and build a future. Many education centers, trade schools, and bootcamps stop at teaching – but not TrueCoders.

We solved this problem by creating our Career Services Division to complement our coding courses and help our students succeed in the real world once their classes are over.

The TrueCoders Career Services Division

Simply put, our Career Services Division is a tool that helps you get your foot in the tech industry door by teaching you how to prepare your resume and LinkedIn profile, how to speak industry lingo and interview effectively.

You can almost consider Career Services as a subclass you'll be taking at TrueCoders. Of course, you'll be learning how to code, but you'll also have scheduled time to speak with our Career Services experts to help you launch your career.

Take a look at this list for just a few of the key offerings:

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Meetings : Schedule time with our Career Services team as often as you need. This works just like our Unlimited 1-on-1 coding tutoring sessions!

  • LinkedIn Networking : Create and build up your LinkedIn profile to market yourself and connect with job opportunities.

  • Resumé Optimization : Create your resumé from scratch or revamp your existing resumé to specifically target software companies.

  • Interview Practice : Participate in mock interviews to overcome your interview worries and enhance your desirability.

  • Weekly Seminars : Listen to, and participate in, online seminars where industry professionals discuss job searching, career development, personal growth, and more.

  • Alumni Help : TrueCoders graduates can come back anytime to brush up on their coding OR job-seeking skills – for free.

The Woman Behind it All

Denise Shines is the heart and soul of our Career Services Division – and she loves what she does.

"The best part of my job here at TrueCoders is definitely helping people," she says. "Before I became TrueCoders' Director of Career Services, I worked in career services at Jefferson State community college, so getting people through challenges out there in the job-seeking world is what I do."

Those skills pay off for our students far into the future. It's not just a one-and-done boost, says Denise. "There's a good chance that the job you're about to get won't be the last one you have in your life. Once you learn the basics of how to apply and prove yourself, you'll have that toolkit with you for the rest of your life."

Denise's talent for helping students comes from her friendly personality. Thanks to her time in the career services field, she brings an understanding and ease to her lessons.

"People are intimidated by the hiring process, and this can be exacerbated for our Alumni who are just getting out there and trying to find ways to apply everything they learned at TrueCoders," Denise explains. "Helping all of our Alumni work on their resumés and prepare for whatever interviewers might throw at them really keeps me on my A-game!"

Join the TrueCoders Team

Our goal isn't just to teach you a new skill. It's to jumpstart your coding career. Denise and our Career Services Division are just one more offering in our mission to help you succeed.

So join the TrueCoders family and get started on your coding future today.

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